Who We Are

We are a network of leaders who care about the cultural and aesthetic quality of life in Silicon Valley. We are conveners, promoters, incubators, and investors in Silicon Valley’s creative ecosystem. Our mission is to accelerate Silicon Valley’s creative culture.

What We Do

We build the creative sector’s capacity, raise the value and visibility of the creative sector, and increase access to arts and creativity.


We build the creative sector’s capacity by:


We raise the value and visibility of the creative sector by:

  • Publishing Content Magazine
  • Promoting and curating arts and cultural events through social media and LiveSV
  • Showcasing local artists through the Artist Laureate and Poet Laureate programs
  • Building networks through Pick-Up Parties and the Content LAB series


We increase access to arts and creativity by:

  • Creating digital media opportunities for teens through The Studio
  • Connecting teachers to arts education offerings through ArtsEdConnect
  • Infusing arts and creativity into the Women and Children’s Center at VMC
  • Licensing the Artsopolis event calendar to over fifty United States regions and beyond
  • Incubating programs that increase access like the School of Arts & Culture and Artful Aging.

Why It Is Important

We believe that arts and creativity connect us to our heritage, to humanity, and to each other, fuel innovation and 21st century skills, help shape our identity and deepen attachment to this place, foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, and bring beauty, joy, and learning to our lives.