What We Do

The Studio cultivates the next generation of creatives and change-makers in Silicon Valley by partnering with the Santa Clara County Office of Education, Office of AltEd. Program participants are provided with opportunities to express themselves creatively while working with teaching artists to learn, collaborate, create, and exhibit their work.

Who We Serve

At risk youth who are aspiring creatives and change-makers, in schools through visual and digital media classes offered by media educators and professional artists.

Why It’s Important

Silicon Valley, known as the center of innovation and known for an abundance of wealth, still has growing poverty. In 2010, 13% of children in Santa Clara County lived in poverty. Of the more than 400,000 children residing in the county under the age of 18, almost 60,000 fell below the federal poverty line. Providing children in Silicon Valley living under the poverty line with access to better teachers, tools, and technology is one strategy for addressing economic inequality in our community.

What’s Been Done

  • The Studio reaches over 300 students annually in five schools under the purview of the Santa Clara County Office of Alternative Education
  • Students are empowered by having creative tools to express themselves with
  • By focusing on media that resonates with youth allows for deeper engagement
  • Students not only get in depth exposure to the arts, but our curriculum also allows for expression and exploration while teaching valuable skills such as logic, organizational teamwork, and patience
  • In addition, arts programming tends to have a positive impact on self-image and self-esteem