What We Do

In partnership with Aroha Philanthropies, SVCREATES is prototyping ShakeXperience as a strategy for engaging older adults in a meaningful exploration of Shakespeare’s work through theatrical performance and literary art (drama, poetry, and prose) workshops. This is part of a national conversation about engaging seniors in the arts and demonstrating the benefits of this engagement for our aging population.

Who We Serve

ShakeXperience is offered to a small group of participants over the age of 55 at a Community Center or senior living facility. Our intention is to test and scale a series of “artful aging” programs throughout our community.

Why It’s Important

Early research suggests that the skills used in acting programs help strengthen memory and cognitive function, and improve participants’ general sense of psychological well-being. This program encourages intellectual and emotional engagement and social interaction through the arts. The experience of reading and performing pieces aloud provides additional opportunity for physical and emotional engagement.

What’s Been Done

  • Completed three workshops at Camden Community Center in collaboration with the City of San Jose’s Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Completed workshops in Morgan Hill and in Downtown San Jose in 2018.

What’s Next

  • Evaluation, analysis, and exploration of sustainable program models.