What We Do

As the California Arts Council State-Local Partner for Santa Clara County, and on behalf of the Santa Clara County Library, we administer the Poet Laureate program. Poet Laureate is an honorary two-year position awarded by the County of Santa Clara to elevate and celebrate the art of poetry and the literary arts. We draw upon our expertise in cultural program management and a network of literary professionals to fuel submittals, manage the selection process, and promote Poet Laureate projects and activities.

Who We Serve

As the Poet Laureate program administrator, we serve the County of Santa Clara. As cultural stewards, we help make poetry more available and accessible in the everyday lives of Santa Clara County residents.

Why It’s Important

Poet Laureate programs grow public awareness and participation in poetry and literary arts, and highlight the cultural diversity in our communities. We believe this art form builds community, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and connects us to our heritage and to each other.

What’s Been Done

What’s Next

Applications will be accepted in 2019 for the 2020-2021 Santa Clara County Poet Laureate.