What We Do

Content Magazine is a bimonthly magazine profiling the people who compose the creative and innovative community of the South Bay. Content highlights the unique life and style of San Jose and Silicon Valley both in print and digitally.

Who We Serve

Content’s focus on the distinctiveness of Silicon Valley provides visitors with an understanding of what this area offers as a destination while improving the quality of life for residents as they get to know their neighbors and their community on a deeper level. Through community events, digital engagement, and a beautifully printed magazine, access is provided for people to engage in each other’s businesses and creative endeavors.

Why It’s Important

By raising the visibility of local creatives and innovators, Content serves as a platform for encouraging local pride and investment. The publication also facilitates relationships and connections in the community through Pick-Up Parties, where readers can pick up the latest issue of the magazine while meeting those who contribute to and are featured in the magazine, and other networking events. These events spark exchanges of inspiration and information in practical and unique ways that strengthen the local creative culture.

What’s Been Done

  • For over six years, Content Magazine has published a high-quality, locally produced print publication focused on the innovative and creative culture of Silicon Valley.
  • Content has grown to engage over 250 community members at bimonthly Pick-Up Parties, as well as providing more intimate professional networking events several times a year.