What We Do

We offer a growing range of capacity building programs to strengthen our cultural ecosystem, including:

Who We Serve

As stewards of our cultural ecosystem, we serve artists, creative entrepreneurs, and nonprofit arts leaders and organizations.

Why It’s Important

We believe in the community building, placemaking, human development, and economic benefits of a healthy arts and cultural ecosystem and are determined to strengthen it. We also believe in embracing who we are and understanding how Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture, breadth of diversity, and global leadership in technology and innovation influence the funding of and participation in the arts. Our capacity building programs are based on local knowledge, experience, and research and are focused on what makes arts and cultural organizations and artists in our region succeed: offerings relevant to the Silicon Valley demographic, including connections to our cultural heritage, the international community, and geek culture; entrepreneurial leadership; and market-based business models.

What’s Been Done

  • Offered annual Engage(dot)Next conferences for creative marketing professionals to gather and learn from peers and industry experts. Attendees gained access to audience engagement project grants to apply conference themes moving forward.
  • Launched Board(dot)Impact conference in 2015 for board members and nonprofit staff to engage with peers and learn industry best practices. Attendees also gained access to scholarships for board retreats.
  • Launched Product(dot)Relevance in 2015 as a fast-track project grant opportunity for individuals and organizations to engage young, corporate employees in arts and creativity.
  • Added access to additional benefits for any organization or individual who receives support from SVCREATES: two hours of targeted coaching and free access to software.