What We Do

The Children’s Creativity Collaborative (C3) is a network of Silicon Valley leaders, educators, and philanthropists dedicated to improving the lives of our children and youth through the power of the arts. C3 envisions a next generation of creative thinkers, artists, and innovators who are inspired and strengthened by their exposure to the arts and their engagement with the arts.

Who We Serve

C3’s mission is to increase access to the arts for Silicon Valley children and youth. As stewards of our cultural ecosystem, we strive to deepen arts engagement for underserved populations, offer arts and creative experiences to all Silicon Valley children and youth, and celebrate children and youth creations across multiple platforms.

Why It’s Important

Research concludes that early engagement in arts and creativity sparks a passion for learning, fuels imagination, and builds relevant skills. This, in turn, can change a young person’s way of life from merely surviving to actually thriving. C3 comes at a time when the arts are being eliminated from our formal education system, public sector investment is declining, and there is inequitable access to creative outlets. At the same time, academic and business leaders believe that creativity is one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

What’s Been Done

  • School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza was created as a vibrant and welcoming community school of arts and culture in East San Jose that brings joy, learning, and a sense of belonging to thousands of children and families. The school offers culturally relevant and affordable arts education classes in after-school and summer camp settings, complemented by a growing menu of multicultural programs and activities.
  • The Studio was established as a program to cultivate the next generation of creatives and changemakers in Silicon Valley. This is accomplished by partnering with local arts organizations, youth development organizations, community serving organizations, local school districts, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, local colleges, and creative professionals in order to provide young people with opportunities to learn, collaborate, create, and exhibit their work.
  • ArtsEdConnect was built as an online “marketplace” for teachers to access local arts education options for their classroom. In partnership with Silicon Valley Education Foundation, we also award mini grants to the teachers who are “shopping” for creative opportunities for their students.
  • ArtSPARK was created as an annual “arts sampler” for third through sixth graders that included a 50-minute presentation, produced and performed professionally in a cultural facility, paired with a second engagement drawn from a wide range of multicultural arts groups, artists, disciplines, and venues.
  • BuddaBOOM was created as an opportunity for Silicon Valley kids to deepen their understanding of other cultures and build new skills through the magic of the drum. This 12-week, after-school, drumming program leverages multicultural arts organization’s unique assets and cultural perspectives to deliver hands-on learning and opportunities for creative expression through lessons aligned with state standards and core curriculum.