Providing permanent advancement for artists and arts groups through the reduction of administrative burdens and the unleashing of creativity, thereby elevating the artist’s voice for civic change.

SVCREATES, in partnership with Community Vision (CV) and with support from Rainin Foundation, is incubating a new bay area arts hub called ArtsWeb. This pilot will be launched in parallel in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties from 2020-2022, with plans to scale to additional Bay Area counties including San Francisco, San Mateo and Contra Costa in phase two.

ArtsWeb is a decentralized, flexible, relationship-based service hub that connects professional, community-based artists, arts groups, creative entrepreneurs, and free-range artists (Creatives) with business service providers (Providers) in their communities. The project has three program areas – Readiness, Referrals and Education – that Creatives and Providers will pay affordable fees to access. Each program area relies on three critical design elements: an informed local strategy to stay rooted in the unique needs of each community, the aggregation of new and existing data to more fully map the breadth of local arts economies, and an Arts Business Navigator (ABN) who will strengthen the ecosystem through relationship-building. After a two-year fully-funded startup period, ArtsWeb will begin generating earned revenue from Creatives and Providers, growing to 20% of all revenue in Year 5. The remainder will be subsidized by a consortium of funders who are invested in an equitable, resilient future for the arts.

As ArtsWeb continues to take root and grow, the ecosystem of participants will multiply (by providing services in a responsive way, driven by communities’ self-determination, identified through an anti-racist community engagement process); the way participants engage will become more efficient (reducing administrative burdens), and the local economy will increase its ability to financially support more Creatives and Providers (permanent advancement for artists). Reliable, long-term financial sustainability will give artists the nourishment and spaciousness they need to amplify their messages and expedite social change (elevating the artist’s voice for civic change).

During the calendar year 2020, ArtsWeb will be in a pre-launch business development phase managed by our two Arts Business Navigators, Tanuja Bahal and Zakiya Harris, with guidance from a Steering Committee and two separate Regional Advisory Councils. More information on the roll-out of the pilot will be available in late 2020.