The Opportunity

Blue Shield of California is committed to healthy communities and supporting youth in expressing themselves through creative endeavors. They have supported artistic opportunities for youth expression in various cities in California with a goal of creating resilient communities.


As partners in this initiative, Blue Shield of California and SVCREATES are committed to empowering youth to express their aspirations for a healthy community in Gilroy through the expressive lens of a mural. The mural should reflect the values of the local community while showcasing its diverse culture.


6th Street Studios & Art Center, building exterior
64 W 6th St, Gilroy, CA 95020
See photos below
Approximate size of wall: 14’ tall x 30’ wide (inclusive of double doors, which should be included in the design)

Mural Content

The Mural should be a voice for Gilroy’s youth and reflect a vision for a healthy Gilroy community while recognizing its diversity.

Award Amount

$15,000 (this includes concept development, material costs and any fees paid to the artist or youth)

Who Can Apply

  • Artists working with youth groups (ages 12-18) whose primary residence or place of work is Gilroy. The youth groups should also be connected to Gilroy through their residence or school.
  • Arts organizations (non profits only) working with youth groups (ages 12-18) whose primary location or services are based in Gilroy.

Responsibilities of the Applicant (Artist or Arts Organization)

  • The artist or arts organization is responsible for developing the concept with the identified youth group. Demonstrated experience working on murals and with youth groups is preferred.
  • The artist or arts organization is responsible for coordinating and managing all logistics related to development and execution of the mural, including coordination, training and supervision of all youth involved. Youth must be involved in the concept development and the final design. They may be involved in the execution but that is left to the discretion of the Artist/Arts Organization.
  • The artist or arts organization is the recipient of the funds if awarded the project and also responsible for managing the budget related to the project.
  • The project must be completed by January 31, 2022.


Application opens: November 5, 2021
Application deadline: December 3, 2021 (only project concept required, not final design for this phase)
Selection and Award Notification: by December 15, 2021
Mural design submitted for review by awarded group: January 7, 2022
Painting/final execution: January
Expected project completion date and ribbon cutting: January 31, 2022

Other Guidelines

Complete mural design proposal is not required for the application (only concept), but final design will need to be reviewed and approved by the grant award panel before execution.

Selection Criteria

  • Artists or Arts Organizations who have demonstrated experience working on murals and with youth groups.
  • Capacity of Artists or Arts Organizations to manage and complete project, including budget management.
  • Concepts that reflect a healthy Gilroy community.
  • Concepts that reflect the diversity of the Gilroy community.
  • Concepts that collaboratively involve youth in the concept development and final design.

Application Review

  • Applications will be reviewed in December 2021
  • The review panel will include representatives from the local artistic community, site representative, Gilroy city representative, and funders.
  • The final selection will be made by the panel based on the selection criteria above.

How to Apply

To preview the application, you may view and download a PDF of the application here. However, applications will be completed and submitted through SVCREATES online application platform.

If you are unable to complete and submit an application online, please contact SVCREATES to make other arrangements.

Applications will include:
  • Project lead and proposed team members names (including youth)
  • Bio or resume of project lead
  • Proposed idea/concept for the mural
  • Description of your past experience creating murals, if any
  • Up to four images of your artwork

Online application access here (or see the button button below).

You will need to create a new account to get started.

If you have any questions about creating an account or if you are unable to access and submit the application online, please contact SVCREATES to make other arrangements to submit your application. Alyssa Erickson: or 408-998-2787 x204