What We Do

We select our region’s finest artists through a competitive process, using independent expert panels, and honor these artists with unrestricted cash prizes at an annual SVLaureate Celebration.

Who We Serve

We serve Santa Clara County artists across multiple disciplines, as showcased in our SVLaureate Directory. These artists were selected for the quality of their work and their commitment to enriching our community with exhibitions, performances, presentations, and service.

Why It’s Important

Artists contribute to a vibrant and creative community and bring joy and learning to our lives. We believe they deserve our encouragement, recognition, and financial support.

What’s Been Done

  • Celebrated the achievements of over 140 artists since 1991 across a wide range of artistic disciplines, and invested over $400,000 in their work.
  • Developed an SVLaureate Directory to highlight the work of these artists and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Artist Laureate program in 2015.

What’s Next

Applications for the 2018 SVLaureate program are now open. The 2018 recipients will be announced in June 2018.