What We Do

A member of the Artsopolis Network, LiveSV is an online calendaring website for arts, culture, and creative experiences occurring in the Silicon Valley region.

Who We Serve

LiveSV is a community-focused platform promoting a wide array of local organizations and experiences that are relevant to both Silicon Valley residents and visitors. Commercial websites are generally more focused on advertising revenue and less focused on creating bridges between audiences and local organizations. LiveSV strives to bridge that gap and also contribute to the economic health of the region by promoting ticket sales and attendance at arts, cultural, and creative events.

Why It’s Important

Organizations, regardless of their size or budget, along with individuals, are able to amplify their event marketing through our platform and increase the discoverability of their events.

What’s Been Done

  • LiveSV (originally known as Artsopolis) became the prototype for an arts calendaring platform that is now used in over 40 regions across the nation through the Artsopolis Network.
  • LiveSV continues to serve as an important community platform, with an average of 2,000 events submitted to the site each year by members of the community.