What We Do

In partnership with Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Center (VMC), the VMC Foundation, and several key cultural institutions, designers, and artists, SVCREATES is infusing arts and creativity into an existing 300,000-square-foot hospital wing at VMC and co-creating San Jose’s first Women and Children’s Center. We are using a “community barn raising” approach to raising funds, designing artful, creative, and interactive spaces, harnessing local talent and resources, showcasing cultural institutions, and demonstrating the healing power of the arts.

Who We Serve

As Silicon Valley’s only “safety net” hospital, these transformed spaces and upgraded services, once completed, will serve some of the poorest women, children, and families in Santa Clara County. Along with serving the annual patient population of 450,000, this project will support VMC’s exemplary staff of doctors, nurses, and support workers. This project also serves participating artists and cultural institutions by demonstrating their value to the healing process, showcasing their designs and artworks, and connecting them to our community in a meaningful way.

Why It’s Important

The Women and Children’s Center is critical for plans to improve access and outcomes of care for those most in need. Research shows that patients and their families do better in a hospital setting with inviting spaces, creative activities, natural light, access to outside areas, and warm colors. The transformation of these spaces and services replaces fear and anxiety with wonder and joy, aids the healing process, builds community, and creates a sense of place.

What’s Been Done

  • The conceptual vision was completed in July 2013.
  • In August 2014, a steering committee was formed.
  • The Women and Children’s Center at VMC received $5.75 million towards the launch of a campaign to raise $25 million, and has since raised an additional $4 million.
  • An architect has been hired and project partners have been secured.

What’s Next

Plans have begun for the 5th floor outdoor playground. This conceptual vision was developed in conjunction with the 5th floor staff advisory group at VMC. Incorporating an updated pediatric rehabilitation playground, family gathering lounges, and play areas, this unique space leverages our wonderful weather and the amazing views from the VMC’s 5th floor.

Learn More

For additional details about this initiative, visit the Imagine VMC website.