What We Do

Artsopolis fosters arts and cultural engagement through software development and consulting services. We continuously work toward helping communities expand awareness and participation in all aspects of the arts, embracing all forms of artistic expression. The Artsopolis platform combines a visually appealing, customizable design and simple navigation with powerful administrative tools that can help any type of organization or business with its cultural engagement, audience development, and community building efforts.

Who We Serve

Today, Artsopolis is used by over 50 communities across the United States, with nearly 200 “syndication” partners within those communities relying on the Artsopolis system to deliver local cultural content on a daily basis.

Why It’s Important

Artsopolis is a web-based cultural engagement platform designed to help communities promote their events, activities, opportunities, and other cultural assets. Artsopolis was developed “by the arts, for the arts” and has since evolved into one of the nation’s leading online calendaring and cultural engagement systems.

What’s Been Done

Since 2003, Artsopolis has grown to a network of over 60 websites operating throughout the United States. Artsopolis is now in the process of transitioning its platform to WordPress, the Web’s leading content management system. This transition still provides the “best of Artsopolis” while offering new benefits, such as a responsive web design template that adapts to various screen sizes and orientations and enhanced search engine optimization, just to name a few.